Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ramblings From the Weekend of College Football

Is Louisville serious? Did they really lose to Syracuse? In my pick ‘em league, this was my highest confidence pick. Turns out I know nothing. Everything going into this game pointed to “Holy shit, Louisville might put up 100 on this team.” But, their defense is horrible. Even more horrible than I originally believed. Brian Brohm was my preseason Heisman pick, and he is definitely putting up the numbers needed to win the award, but his team stinks and he stands no chance of winning. I would say he’d go first overall in the NFL draft, but Oakland drafted a quarterback this past year (No more than 15 minutes after I wrote that sentence, Oakland blocked a field goal by Cleveland that would have won them the game. Simply replace Oakland with Cleveland and you’ll be fine).

"I thought Louisville would kill Syracuse. I know NOTHING!"

As for the massacre that was Northwestern, there isn’t really much to say. We looked good, Northwestern looked bad. Something about reading too much into blowouts against such overmatched opponents doesn’t sit right with me. I will say this though: We have the best defense in the country. Yes, the best. LSU has a pretty good one too, but not as good as ours. Had a small scare from Beanie in the first half, but turns out it was no big deal. In the highlight of the afternoon, Columbus legend Dave Lisko did get into the game for a number of plays. Last year they gave him a helmet and this year they gave him a scholarship and playing time. He also gave the finger to a friend of the blog while walking from the hotel to the skull session. Good work, Dave. Hopefully he makes the trip to Minnesota so he can actually catch a pass.

Speaking of next week against Minnesota, I will not make the mistake of picking Louisville as my highest pick. It's going to be Northwestern, Part II. Someone on Minnesota could be seriously injured. I do not condone such actions, however.

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