Wednesday, April 09, 2008

2009 OSU Recruiting Breakdown

Since this is an Ohio State blog, I figured it was time to update the 2009 recruiting effort.  There are 21 seniors who will be graduating leaving 21 open scholarships.  Assuming Beanie Wells leaves, that makes 22.  It is likely that at least 1-2 spots will open up beyond that due to other circumstances, but for the point of this breakdown we're envisioning OSU to have 22-23 open sports for the HS class of 2009.  

I listed targets in the likely order they will end up at OSU.  I'll update this as guys commit or new candidates emerge.  
Needs: 1 (maybe)

It's likely that OSU will not add a QB to this class for various reasons.  I still think it would probably be a good idea to add one, whether that be through scholarship or walk-on.  

Targets- 1) Devontae Payne 2) Walk-on

Running Back

With the Wells boys most likely gone and Devoe Torrence not making it to campus, OSU will need to restock on RBs in this class.  They seem to have a nice pack of options right now. 

  1. Carlos Hyde
  2. Bud Golden
  3. Jordan Hall
  4. Hershey Jackson
Needs: 1
The hardest position to judge.  Adam Homan is already committed, but I wouldn't be shocked to see OSU add Zach Boren at this position.  I don't think it's that important.  

Wide Receivers
Needs: 2
This seems to be a spot that OSU likes to keep deep, they seem to be off to a good start this year with Chris Fields already committed.  

  1. Duron Carter
  2. James Jackson
Tight End
Needs: 1
Would like to see OSU add at least one in this class, I think it might be smart to grab two if they are out there.

  1. Dion Sims- BIG Michigan lean
  2. Anthony Talbert
  3. Reid Fragel- I think he's an OL in college and not worth an OSU offer, but there is some interest. 

Needs: 4
Jack Mewhort is already committed.  Lots of quality guys available.  

  1. Marcus Hall
  2. Cory Linsley
  3. Chris Watt
  4. Chris Freeman
  5. Ryan Spiker
  6. Sam Longo
Needs: 4
Lots of offers already out at this spot and John Simon already committed.  I'm not confident OSU will land their top choices here

  1. Melvin Fellows- I think he's sticking with Illinois
  2. Pat Muldoon- MSU lean
  3. Cory Adams- no OSU offer yet.
  4. Tank Carradine- grade issues
  5. John Newsome
  6. Craig Drummond
Needs: 3
Storm Klein and Jordan Whiting already comitted.  

  1. Dorien Bell
  2. Jelani Jenkins
  3. Pete Smith
Needs: 3-4
Jamie Wood and CJ Barnett already committed.  

  1. Darrel Givens
  2. EJ Banks
  3. Vlad Emillien
  4. DJ Hunter
  5. Brandon Mcgee
  6. Mike Edwards- I'd like to see him land a scholarship if one opens up last minute.  
Kickers or Punters

OSU will probably skip this or go the walk-on route, but I'm all for using a scholarship to ensure quality.  

My current OSU wishlist, based on need and mutual interest is ...
  1. Marcus Halll
  2. Dorien Bell
  3. Carlos Hyde
  4. Chris Watt
  5. Cory Adams
  6. Dion Sims
  7. Duron Carter
  8. Corey Linsley
  9. EJ Banks
  10. Chris Freeman

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Michigan 2009 Top 20

So to continue the 2009 recruiting effort I've profiled Michigan's 2009 HS class.  It's based on other rankings, things I have read, offers, film and word of mouth.  There is little to no film on some of these guys so this list is very subject to change.  

I'd say it's a down year for my home state this year after two really good years.  The list is heavy on athletes, but I would expect some new guys to develop/make a jump through the summer camp season.  As of right now I'd say there are only 8-9 guys at a legit BCS level.  

  1. Will Campbell- Cass Tech- The #1 player and it's not even close.  Top 20 player in the country.
  2. Dion Sims- OLSM- The only issue I have with him is what position is he going to play?  I'd like to see him add some muscle and play TE, but I don't know if that interests him.  Good basketball player too.
  3. Hershey Jackson-Allendale-  I like him at RB, but will most likely end up as an OLB.  
  4. Chris Norman- Renaissance-  I think somewhat underrated, committed early.  
  5. James Jackson- Grand Ledge- People love him cause he is fast, but I'm cautious of that.  He is really fast though.  OSU might lead for him.
  6. Larry Caper- BCC- overrated nationally.  
  7. Edwin Baker- Oak Park
  8. Reid Fragel- GP South-  Big frame, but he isn't a TE at the major level, so he needs to add 35 pounds and move to tackle.  I think he'll end up at michigan.  
  9. Ricky Clemons- Carmen Ainsworth- Big body, needs a good summer to up  offers.  
  10. Donald Spencer, Yipsilanti
  11. Delano Collins- Renaissance
  12. Jeremy Gainer- Claranceville
  13. Teric Jones- Cass Tech- Little, fast back who some love.  He is too small to me and doesn't put up big HS numbers.  
  14. Andrew Maxwell Midland- State's top QB by a hair.  
  15. Mike Schaaf- Arthur Hill- I think this guy is pretty good.  Best case he is John Navarre, worst case is he never plays a college down.  Is 6'7 and won some big games.  
  16. Cam Gordon- Inkster- I expect him to jump into the top 10 eventually, but not overly impressed yet.
  17. Jamonne Chester- Redford Covenant 
  18. Thomas Gordon- Cass Tech- HS QB, probably have to play DB in college.  Think he is good enough athlete to make the transition.  
  19. Blake Treadwell- East Lansing-  Has the size to be solid Big Ten lineman.  MSU commit early.
  20. Dana Dixon- Renaissance

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ohio 2009 Top 50

OK so it's been along time since there has been any activity in this blog, but I'm bringing it back and going to add a lot of recruiting stuff.  I'll warn you now; I'm not a recruiting expert, but I put a lot of work into this.  I've watched a ton of video, read a ton of reports and looked at scholarship offers to compile this list.   It's not perfect, but it's still very early and I hope to update it as the year moves on.  

I'll add some comments to some of these guys, but probably not all.  It's a very rough list, but should give you some idea of ohio in 2009.   

  1. Marcus Hall- Glenville-  competitive lineman, who wants to be the best.  My number one wish list guy for OSU in 2009.  
  2. John Simon- Cardinal Mooney- Big, strong disruptor.   Not sure how high his ceiling is.  
  3. Melvin Fellows- Garfield Heights-  Could be #1 on this list when finished.   
  4. Justin Turner- Massilon Washington-  Rumors of some grade issues.  Might be a little underrated.
  5. Chris Fields-Painesville Harvey
  6. CJ Barnett-Clayton Northmont- Big DB, I think can stay at corner.  
  7. Darnell Mason-Ursuline- I like him at running back and think he is big ten level.  
  8. Storm Klein- Licking Valley- I think a little overrated, but he plays a lot on both sides of the ball so it will be interesting to see him focus on LB.  
  9. Jamie Wood-  Pickerington Central- He has the size, now he has to hone his skill. 
  10. Chris Freeman- Trotwood-Madison- A massive athletic dude.  The problem is he has barely played any football.  I'll be honest, what little film I've seen I'm very impressed.  He could be the biggest steal.  
  11. Anthony Talbert-Winton Woods- I like him at TE and think he's underrated.  Good blocker and can get out and move in space.  
  12. Cory Linsley-Boardman-   Big and can move.  Athletic, big ten level lineman.  
  13. Bud Golden-Sycamore.
  14. Dale Peterman-Ursuline- Impressive film and exciting player.  Think I prefer him in the slot.  
  15. Devontae Payne- Cleveland South- Down year for QBs in the state.  Very raw, but could be special.  Would love to see him take a chance to compete at OSU, but don't think it will happen.  
  16. Pat Muldoon- St. Xavier- One of my favorites.  Plays hard and shows up in big games. 
  17. Julius Ferrell- Liberty-  
  18. Fitzgerald Troussant-Liberty- Small but good balance.  
  19. Ricky Harris- Westerville South- Big body needs to work on explosion.
  20. Will Studlien- Big Walnut-  Amazingly productive, but not sure he has the speed to play at the elite level.  
  21. Mike Edwards-Glenville- I really like this guy.  Big senior year could bring major offers.  
  22. John Newsome- Glenville-  I'm not high on this guy, he seems to play small sometimes.  
  23. Nate Klatt-Canal Fulton NW-  Solid lineman.
  24. Patrick White-Pickerington North-  Athlete who could move up the list.  
  25. Jack Mewhort- Toledo St. Johns- Big Body who will continue to develop.
  26. Sam Longo- Bellbrook- Really like this guy, seems to have a nasty streak.  Gonna be a sleeper.  
  27. Conelius Carradine- Cincinnati Taft-  Love this dude.  Huge motor, but needs to add weight.  
  28. Adam Homan- Coldwater- Productive but very slow.  
  29. Adam Bellemy- Aurora- Big body who can be a force in the trenches.  Still developing
  30. Nate Cadogan- Portsmith- Raw, but could develop into force at DE.  
  31. Desmar Jackson- Warren JFK-  Big athletic reciever, I have him higher than most.  
  32. Dan Fox- St. Ignatius-  needs to add some weight, but can be a player at LB or TE.  
  33. Isiah Bell- Liberty-  
  34. Bryan Underwood- Cleveland Heights- Really impressive film.  Fast and quick, think he's a sleeper.
  35. DJ Hunter-  not as high as this guy as most, have only seen limited film.  A lesser Jamie Wood in my opinion
  36. Zakee Bashir-  Walnut Ridge- Very solid backer, not elite level
  37. Ryan Spiker- Tri-Valley-  Nasty lineman, could be a steal.  Plays very mean.  
  38. Pat McShane- Walsh Jesuit-
  39. Ricky Steele-LaSalle- solid DB, a small sleeper. 
  40. Andrew Holland- St. Ignatius-  Benefits from a weak QB class, will get solid offers.
  41. Chris Snook- Medina Highland- I have him ranked lower than most, FWIW. 
  42. Pat Hinkel- St. Ignatius- Another guy I'm huge on.  Makes plays all over the field.  Great football player, but lacks elite speed.
  43. Zach Boren-Pickington Central- A poor man's Adam Homan.  
  44. Joseph Paris- St. Ignatius-  Productive Wideout, understands how to fit into space.  
  45. Mike Marrow-New Albany- FB prospect
  46. Romel Dismuke-Cleveland Benedictine- like as a DB.
  47. Luke Kuechly- St. Xavier- Smart backer, will get good offers.  
  48. Henry Conway- Avon Lake- Big Lineman, needs to work on using his hands.
  49. Paris Bruner- Warren Harding-  Athlete.
  50. Trae Tiller- Harvest Prep- Plays on very small team, but could be major sleeper.  Not going to get major offers but interesting D-line prospect.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Break His Legs, Break His Fucking Legs

There is no reason for this post other than I am making it from the greatest invention known to man: the iPhone. It is amazing. I am also enjoying the game in high definition with fellow blogger Meanie. He says hi. Malcolm Jenkins just got an INT as well.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ramblings From the Weekend of College Football

Is Louisville serious? Did they really lose to Syracuse? In my pick ‘em league, this was my highest confidence pick. Turns out I know nothing. Everything going into this game pointed to “Holy shit, Louisville might put up 100 on this team.” But, their defense is horrible. Even more horrible than I originally believed. Brian Brohm was my preseason Heisman pick, and he is definitely putting up the numbers needed to win the award, but his team stinks and he stands no chance of winning. I would say he’d go first overall in the NFL draft, but Oakland drafted a quarterback this past year (No more than 15 minutes after I wrote that sentence, Oakland blocked a field goal by Cleveland that would have won them the game. Simply replace Oakland with Cleveland and you’ll be fine).

"I thought Louisville would kill Syracuse. I know NOTHING!"

As for the massacre that was Northwestern, there isn’t really much to say. We looked good, Northwestern looked bad. Something about reading too much into blowouts against such overmatched opponents doesn’t sit right with me. I will say this though: We have the best defense in the country. Yes, the best. LSU has a pretty good one too, but not as good as ours. Had a small scare from Beanie in the first half, but turns out it was no big deal. In the highlight of the afternoon, Columbus legend Dave Lisko did get into the game for a number of plays. Last year they gave him a helmet and this year they gave him a scholarship and playing time. He also gave the finger to a friend of the blog while walking from the hotel to the skull session. Good work, Dave. Hopefully he makes the trip to Minnesota so he can actually catch a pass.

Speaking of next week against Minnesota, I will not make the mistake of picking Louisville as my highest pick. It's going to be Northwestern, Part II. Someone on Minnesota could be seriously injured. I do not condone such actions, however.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekly Top 25

Roughly 1/4 of the college football season is finished and I'm not quite sure we have learned that much yet. I had to admit we are seeing much more parody in college football than I ever remember and I'm not very happy about. What we've learned nationally is there appears to be 4-5 dominate teams. After them it's about 40 teams that can all beat each other.

TOP 25
  1. LSU
  2. USC
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Florida- Tennessee isn't anything special and they scored a bunch late, consider me unimpressed
  5. West Virginia
  6. Cal
  7. Texas
  8. Ohio State
  9. Penn State- for the record i think michigan beats them this week
  10. Rutgers
  11. Wisconsin
  12. Boston College
  13. Oregon
  14. Virginia Tech
  15. Clemson
  16. South Carolina
  17. Alabama
  18. Georgia
  19. Louisville
  20. USF
  21. Cincinnati
  22. Arkansas
  23. Georgia Tech
  24. Texas A&M
  25. Nebraska
The final 10 teams in that poll are terrible and if i didn't have to rank 25 i probably wouldn't this week. Anyways on to Ohio State. There were some very nice things to pick out of the game this week, but on the flip side there were some pretty awful things as well. In the end it was a nice win- something to build upon- and the best effort of the season so far. We still have a ton of work to do in order to become a championship level football team. So the good and the bad against washington this week....
The Good
  • Nice win on the road in a place that hard to play. Even if washington turns out to be pretty shitty it's nice to be the first big ten team to win there in something like 25 years.
  • Comeback after halftime. It was shitty we had to actually come back, but it's the type of thing thats a good experience and builds character amongst a team.
  • Todd Boeckman's 2nd half. The 1st half was so bad it's possible anything could have looked better though. He seemed to step up though and make some good reads ( the long pass to robo looked to be altered at the line) . I'll take it as a good sign

Washington should start cheating again, if they want to return to the glory of past years.

The Bad
  • Penalties. They are nearly as bad as turnovers, they made the game much too tight and shouldn't happen. I expect this to get better as it was a road game and there are distractions that happen.
  • Todd Boeckman's 1st half. It was bad- It was almost a lot worse. The under throws and throws into coverage continue to be a problem, I hate to say it but if they don't get better they are going to cost us dearly. In his defense much of the team played terrible in the 1st half and hopefully that will be fixed after going through the tape.
As for this week I expect to coast to victory. Northwestern is as bad as they have been in along time. That being said there are some distractions this week ( classes start, back from good win on the road) that can lead to a let down. My prediction is a pretty boring 35-10 victory for the bucks.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Week 3

I am back to make my prediction for week three after neglecting to even attempt to predict anything in week two. For what it's worth, OSU 20-Akron 2 would not have been my prognostication. Here is hoping week three will better showcase my Nostradamus like abilities...

On the national scene Washington is the sexy pick to beat the Buckeyes, but dont' count this homer as one of those silly bastards. Ty Willingham a better coach than Jim Tressel? C'mon ESPN, you can do better than that. The Washington D will be formidable, but if our ball security is better this week they shouldn't beat us. As for the Washington offense Jake Locker will be a stud in the years to come, but not this game. He is a redshirt freshman for God sakes, and one that hasn't seen the likes of an OSU caliber D. But enough of my lackadaisical and recycled review, its time for my half assed predictions for the game.

1) Our D will quadruple the total number of turnovers we have on the season so far.
2) OSU won't trail after the 1st quarter.
3) The running game will be much improved, however Todd Boeckman will star by throwing for 2 TD's.
4) This one is a stretch, but Brian Robiskie will catch one of those TD's
5) I am too lazy to come up with an interesting 5th prediction.

Score Prediction: OSU 27-UW 10

Random Upset Pick of the Week- UNLV over Hawaii.