Thursday, September 13, 2007

Week 3

I am back to make my prediction for week three after neglecting to even attempt to predict anything in week two. For what it's worth, OSU 20-Akron 2 would not have been my prognostication. Here is hoping week three will better showcase my Nostradamus like abilities...

On the national scene Washington is the sexy pick to beat the Buckeyes, but dont' count this homer as one of those silly bastards. Ty Willingham a better coach than Jim Tressel? C'mon ESPN, you can do better than that. The Washington D will be formidable, but if our ball security is better this week they shouldn't beat us. As for the Washington offense Jake Locker will be a stud in the years to come, but not this game. He is a redshirt freshman for God sakes, and one that hasn't seen the likes of an OSU caliber D. But enough of my lackadaisical and recycled review, its time for my half assed predictions for the game.

1) Our D will quadruple the total number of turnovers we have on the season so far.
2) OSU won't trail after the 1st quarter.
3) The running game will be much improved, however Todd Boeckman will star by throwing for 2 TD's.
4) This one is a stretch, but Brian Robiskie will catch one of those TD's
5) I am too lazy to come up with an interesting 5th prediction.

Score Prediction: OSU 27-UW 10

Random Upset Pick of the Week- UNLV over Hawaii.

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