Wednesday, April 09, 2008

2009 OSU Recruiting Breakdown

Since this is an Ohio State blog, I figured it was time to update the 2009 recruiting effort.  There are 21 seniors who will be graduating leaving 21 open scholarships.  Assuming Beanie Wells leaves, that makes 22.  It is likely that at least 1-2 spots will open up beyond that due to other circumstances, but for the point of this breakdown we're envisioning OSU to have 22-23 open sports for the HS class of 2009.  

I listed targets in the likely order they will end up at OSU.  I'll update this as guys commit or new candidates emerge.  
Needs: 1 (maybe)

It's likely that OSU will not add a QB to this class for various reasons.  I still think it would probably be a good idea to add one, whether that be through scholarship or walk-on.  

Targets- 1) Devontae Payne 2) Walk-on

Running Back

With the Wells boys most likely gone and Devoe Torrence not making it to campus, OSU will need to restock on RBs in this class.  They seem to have a nice pack of options right now. 

  1. Carlos Hyde
  2. Bud Golden
  3. Jordan Hall
  4. Hershey Jackson
Needs: 1
The hardest position to judge.  Adam Homan is already committed, but I wouldn't be shocked to see OSU add Zach Boren at this position.  I don't think it's that important.  

Wide Receivers
Needs: 2
This seems to be a spot that OSU likes to keep deep, they seem to be off to a good start this year with Chris Fields already committed.  

  1. Duron Carter
  2. James Jackson
Tight End
Needs: 1
Would like to see OSU add at least one in this class, I think it might be smart to grab two if they are out there.

  1. Dion Sims- BIG Michigan lean
  2. Anthony Talbert
  3. Reid Fragel- I think he's an OL in college and not worth an OSU offer, but there is some interest. 

Needs: 4
Jack Mewhort is already committed.  Lots of quality guys available.  

  1. Marcus Hall
  2. Cory Linsley
  3. Chris Watt
  4. Chris Freeman
  5. Ryan Spiker
  6. Sam Longo
Needs: 4
Lots of offers already out at this spot and John Simon already committed.  I'm not confident OSU will land their top choices here

  1. Melvin Fellows- I think he's sticking with Illinois
  2. Pat Muldoon- MSU lean
  3. Cory Adams- no OSU offer yet.
  4. Tank Carradine- grade issues
  5. John Newsome
  6. Craig Drummond
Needs: 3
Storm Klein and Jordan Whiting already comitted.  

  1. Dorien Bell
  2. Jelani Jenkins
  3. Pete Smith
Needs: 3-4
Jamie Wood and CJ Barnett already committed.  

  1. Darrel Givens
  2. EJ Banks
  3. Vlad Emillien
  4. DJ Hunter
  5. Brandon Mcgee
  6. Mike Edwards- I'd like to see him land a scholarship if one opens up last minute.  
Kickers or Punters

OSU will probably skip this or go the walk-on route, but I'm all for using a scholarship to ensure quality.  

My current OSU wishlist, based on need and mutual interest is ...
  1. Marcus Halll
  2. Dorien Bell
  3. Carlos Hyde
  4. Chris Watt
  5. Cory Adams
  6. Dion Sims
  7. Duron Carter
  8. Corey Linsley
  9. EJ Banks
  10. Chris Freeman

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