Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Michigan 2009 Top 20

So to continue the 2009 recruiting effort I've profiled Michigan's 2009 HS class.  It's based on other rankings, things I have read, offers, film and word of mouth.  There is little to no film on some of these guys so this list is very subject to change.  

I'd say it's a down year for my home state this year after two really good years.  The list is heavy on athletes, but I would expect some new guys to develop/make a jump through the summer camp season.  As of right now I'd say there are only 8-9 guys at a legit BCS level.  

  1. Will Campbell- Cass Tech- The #1 player and it's not even close.  Top 20 player in the country.
  2. Dion Sims- OLSM- The only issue I have with him is what position is he going to play?  I'd like to see him add some muscle and play TE, but I don't know if that interests him.  Good basketball player too.
  3. Hershey Jackson-Allendale-  I like him at RB, but will most likely end up as an OLB.  
  4. Chris Norman- Renaissance-  I think somewhat underrated, committed early.  
  5. James Jackson- Grand Ledge- People love him cause he is fast, but I'm cautious of that.  He is really fast though.  OSU might lead for him.
  6. Larry Caper- BCC- overrated nationally.  
  7. Edwin Baker- Oak Park
  8. Reid Fragel- GP South-  Big frame, but he isn't a TE at the major level, so he needs to add 35 pounds and move to tackle.  I think he'll end up at michigan.  
  9. Ricky Clemons- Carmen Ainsworth- Big body, needs a good summer to up  offers.  
  10. Donald Spencer, Yipsilanti
  11. Delano Collins- Renaissance
  12. Jeremy Gainer- Claranceville
  13. Teric Jones- Cass Tech- Little, fast back who some love.  He is too small to me and doesn't put up big HS numbers.  
  14. Andrew Maxwell Midland- State's top QB by a hair.  
  15. Mike Schaaf- Arthur Hill- I think this guy is pretty good.  Best case he is John Navarre, worst case is he never plays a college down.  Is 6'7 and won some big games.  
  16. Cam Gordon- Inkster- I expect him to jump into the top 10 eventually, but not overly impressed yet.
  17. Jamonne Chester- Redford Covenant 
  18. Thomas Gordon- Cass Tech- HS QB, probably have to play DB in college.  Think he is good enough athlete to make the transition.  
  19. Blake Treadwell- East Lansing-  Has the size to be solid Big Ten lineman.  MSU commit early.
  20. Dana Dixon- Renaissance

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Tim said...

I will tell you now that Dion Sims is definitely a TE or DE. He doesn't have the build to play WR.