Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ohio 2009 Top 50

OK so it's been along time since there has been any activity in this blog, but I'm bringing it back and going to add a lot of recruiting stuff.  I'll warn you now; I'm not a recruiting expert, but I put a lot of work into this.  I've watched a ton of video, read a ton of reports and looked at scholarship offers to compile this list.   It's not perfect, but it's still very early and I hope to update it as the year moves on.  

I'll add some comments to some of these guys, but probably not all.  It's a very rough list, but should give you some idea of ohio in 2009.   

  1. Marcus Hall- Glenville-  competitive lineman, who wants to be the best.  My number one wish list guy for OSU in 2009.  
  2. John Simon- Cardinal Mooney- Big, strong disruptor.   Not sure how high his ceiling is.  
  3. Melvin Fellows- Garfield Heights-  Could be #1 on this list when finished.   
  4. Justin Turner- Massilon Washington-  Rumors of some grade issues.  Might be a little underrated.
  5. Chris Fields-Painesville Harvey
  6. CJ Barnett-Clayton Northmont- Big DB, I think can stay at corner.  
  7. Darnell Mason-Ursuline- I like him at running back and think he is big ten level.  
  8. Storm Klein- Licking Valley- I think a little overrated, but he plays a lot on both sides of the ball so it will be interesting to see him focus on LB.  
  9. Jamie Wood-  Pickerington Central- He has the size, now he has to hone his skill. 
  10. Chris Freeman- Trotwood-Madison- A massive athletic dude.  The problem is he has barely played any football.  I'll be honest, what little film I've seen I'm very impressed.  He could be the biggest steal.  
  11. Anthony Talbert-Winton Woods- I like him at TE and think he's underrated.  Good blocker and can get out and move in space.  
  12. Cory Linsley-Boardman-   Big and can move.  Athletic, big ten level lineman.  
  13. Bud Golden-Sycamore.
  14. Dale Peterman-Ursuline- Impressive film and exciting player.  Think I prefer him in the slot.  
  15. Devontae Payne- Cleveland South- Down year for QBs in the state.  Very raw, but could be special.  Would love to see him take a chance to compete at OSU, but don't think it will happen.  
  16. Pat Muldoon- St. Xavier- One of my favorites.  Plays hard and shows up in big games. 
  17. Julius Ferrell- Liberty-  
  18. Fitzgerald Troussant-Liberty- Small but good balance.  
  19. Ricky Harris- Westerville South- Big body needs to work on explosion.
  20. Will Studlien- Big Walnut-  Amazingly productive, but not sure he has the speed to play at the elite level.  
  21. Mike Edwards-Glenville- I really like this guy.  Big senior year could bring major offers.  
  22. John Newsome- Glenville-  I'm not high on this guy, he seems to play small sometimes.  
  23. Nate Klatt-Canal Fulton NW-  Solid lineman.
  24. Patrick White-Pickerington North-  Athlete who could move up the list.  
  25. Jack Mewhort- Toledo St. Johns- Big Body who will continue to develop.
  26. Sam Longo- Bellbrook- Really like this guy, seems to have a nasty streak.  Gonna be a sleeper.  
  27. Conelius Carradine- Cincinnati Taft-  Love this dude.  Huge motor, but needs to add weight.  
  28. Adam Homan- Coldwater- Productive but very slow.  
  29. Adam Bellemy- Aurora- Big body who can be a force in the trenches.  Still developing
  30. Nate Cadogan- Portsmith- Raw, but could develop into force at DE.  
  31. Desmar Jackson- Warren JFK-  Big athletic reciever, I have him higher than most.  
  32. Dan Fox- St. Ignatius-  needs to add some weight, but can be a player at LB or TE.  
  33. Isiah Bell- Liberty-  
  34. Bryan Underwood- Cleveland Heights- Really impressive film.  Fast and quick, think he's a sleeper.
  35. DJ Hunter-  not as high as this guy as most, have only seen limited film.  A lesser Jamie Wood in my opinion
  36. Zakee Bashir-  Walnut Ridge- Very solid backer, not elite level
  37. Ryan Spiker- Tri-Valley-  Nasty lineman, could be a steal.  Plays very mean.  
  38. Pat McShane- Walsh Jesuit-
  39. Ricky Steele-LaSalle- solid DB, a small sleeper. 
  40. Andrew Holland- St. Ignatius-  Benefits from a weak QB class, will get solid offers.
  41. Chris Snook- Medina Highland- I have him ranked lower than most, FWIW. 
  42. Pat Hinkel- St. Ignatius- Another guy I'm huge on.  Makes plays all over the field.  Great football player, but lacks elite speed.
  43. Zach Boren-Pickington Central- A poor man's Adam Homan.  
  44. Joseph Paris- St. Ignatius-  Productive Wideout, understands how to fit into space.  
  45. Mike Marrow-New Albany- FB prospect
  46. Romel Dismuke-Cleveland Benedictine- like as a DB.
  47. Luke Kuechly- St. Xavier- Smart backer, will get good offers.  
  48. Henry Conway- Avon Lake- Big Lineman, needs to work on using his hands.
  49. Paris Bruner- Warren Harding-  Athlete.
  50. Trae Tiller- Harvest Prep- Plays on very small team, but could be major sleeper.  Not going to get major offers but interesting D-line prospect.


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